This is Pitch! a podcast that connects storytellers with the world. Your hosts are Leah Saint Marie and Angel Daahoud Murphy; two filmmakers who want to create an open door for writers into the industry. In each episode, we talk about pitching, screenwriting, and the ups and downs of filmmaking. Sometimes we interview industry guests who share their insider tips. We also offer a Premium paid version of each episode. Premium episodes include two writers pitching their ideas for films, TV pilots, plays, novels, and comic books, with working actors doing table reads of the first three pages of each pitched script. If you’re a creative who’s written something powerful you’re passionate about, and you’re tired of closed doors, this podcast is for you. If you’re part of the industry looking for the next indie, action, thriller, drama, horror story, and want to open that door for someone, this podcast is for you. If you just want to hear good stories, then listen up. Our Pitch! podcast is an open door to Hollywood. Cheers! Show more